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Who are we?

We manufacture low-, middle- and high-density polyethylene and polypropylene films, bags and all kinds of packaging materials in different sizes and thicknesses, suitable for 8-color flexographic printing and lamination using the latest technology up to 150 tons per month as per the orders of our customers. In addition, the main areas of our production include automatic packaging films, zipper storage bags and profile zippers from BOPP, CPP, Polyethylene, Metallized, Pearlized and Polyamide and aluminum laminations to be used in automatic filling machines.

We also manufacture self-adhesive Packaging bags made from PE, PP, BOPP or CPP as per your likings and requests. We also have special products that will have an added value for your company in terms of keeping and easily displaying your products at booths. Our graphic designers can also work on the printing designs you like, and we can prepare them for production in a short time.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority at all levels of our company. Therefore, we also support you in your special production designs.


Meet the latest innovations in profile zipper and zipper packaging technology...
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  All products are made in Turkey.       Telephone: +90 212 564 34 31 (Pbx) | E-mail: mail@istanbulalpplastik.com